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About the Kyoyuzen Certification Stamp

Kyoyuzen is brand of dyeing that Kyoto delivers. The Kyoyuzen certification stamp issued in Kyoto by the Kyoyuzen Promotion Council has been attached to products dyed using various techniques. Products to which the stamp is to be attached should be yuzen-dyed, and correspond to all the following.

  • In principle, they should be Japanese clothing, but Western clothing and interior goods could be included in the subject if they have received approval from our council.
  • The material is silk fabric, in principle.
  • The subject products have been created by association members under affiliate associations with the Federation of Kyoyuzen Cooperative Associations.
  • The main processes related to production have been conducted within the area of Kyoto.
  • Products processed in other areas or overseas are not included in the subject. (based on Article 5 of the Kyoyuzen Certification Stamp Issuance Rules)

In order to manage manufacturers, the (serial) certification number is displayed on the stamp.

Kyoyuzen Promotion Council
Contact:TEL 075-353-1010

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